About Me

Depression Counselor

Hi, I’m Stephanie.

As a therapist, I like to be realistic in helping you layout your therapeutic goals. It feels like a mountain of weight has been lifted just after the first few sessions.

I like to keep that momentum going.

You and I will work together in figuring out what works best for you.

As I do not believe in a “cookie cutter” approach to helping clients–There is no secret sauce when working with depression, anxiety & postpartum challenges. 

Every woman experiences depression, anxiety and postpartum related issues differently and therefore, has their own unique formula when it comes to treating it.

My job is to learn you and tailor your treatment to fit like a glove, so that you are able to make functional use of it.

Areas of Specialty

My areas of interest are anxiety, depression & postpartum counseling. I chose this specialty because it’s the population I connect the most with and feel passionate about.

My Niche 

I have a special interest for helping mothers in the mists of feeling overwhelmed and dealing with unfamiliar feelings while caring for little ones. 

I also work really well with women caught up in the dating scene and feeling generally discontent with their lives.

Whichever your stage of life we will work toward helping you feel more connected, present and worthy.

By having a specific population that I treat, I am able to focus most of my time and energy on additional trainings and education specific to anxiety, depression & postpartum related issues.

This way I am able to give the best quality of therapy that is focused on those areas so you are able to get more from your sessions with me.

In the therapy room

I am known for being genuine, non-judgmental, and empathetic. As well as, direct and transparent. That means I am ready to get down to business and help you get the most of your time here with me. No beating around the bush here. I also want to emphasize how important I believe the therapeutic relationship is. A significant part of therapy is actually getting to know you and who you are, even if you don’t know who that is yet. The more I know about your life, the more I am able to help you. 

That being said I acknowledge that every therapist is different and it so important for you to feel we are a right fit (based on personality and therapeutic approach). I always encourage and strive to create an open space for such dialogue. I want my clients to know they have a voice and their voice is extremely valuable in our sessions.

My therapeutic approaches are grounded in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy, Solution- Focused Therapy, and Narrative Therapy. I use a delicate combination of these evidence-based practices along with client collaboration in order to provide a well rounded treatment approach.


I earned my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Converse College and my Bachelors in Psychology from Lander University. I completed a rigorous Post-Degree Institute program to build my specialty at Emerge Family Therapy Center & Teaching Clinic (previously known as, WestGate Family Therapy Institute) in Spartanburg, SC.

Through my specialty training I gained literally hundreds of hours of experience, working face to face with women suffering from anxiety and depression. I really enjoyed researching and throwing myself into understanding how these disorders tick. Today I still continue with that same passion in knowing how to help women unchain themselves from the endless battle with anxiety and depression.   

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the state of South Carolina.