Depression Therapy in Greenville, SC

Depression counseling

You are tired, unmotivated, and you feel like nothing has changed.

Everyone else seems to be getting through life just fine. It’s annoying to see others happy. Some days you can’t even make it out of the house. You often wear a mask to cover it up. Decisions are harder to make. And you haven’t been yourself lately. You can hardly remember the last time you were actually fine. You just want your old self back, or maybe you want to learn how to thrive.

Depression may be interfering with your relationships. Suggestions and tips from family and friends don’t really seem to help and just further makes you feel alone, like they just don’t understand. They keep telling you “it’s all in your head” and you just need to “get over it”.

As your therapist, I want you to know that it is okay to feel like crap sometimes, and deep down you know that it is more than just “sometimes”. It’s probably hard to find someone who can truly relate. You just wish you could “pull it together”, but you probably feel lost and honestly have no idea where to start. That is where I come in. We can work together to create more permanent and lasting changes in your thoughts, emotions, and ultimately your life. 

If these are things you can relate to, I would like to learn a little more about you and see if we would be a good fit for therapy. Click below to book your consultation so we can get started.

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