Postpartum Therapy in Greenville, SC

Postpartum therapy

You are a mom. You LOVE that.

But you don’t love the way you feel.

Let’s get real, being a MOM is literally the most amazing role in life. You grew this precious human being in your womb, when your baby was as close to you as he or she could physically be, nestled safe inside your body (whether you were comfortable or not!). You endured your birthing process and now you care for a child. This may be your first, second, or eighth child. Each experience is different and there are wonderful and horrible things that come with it.

For you, right now, those are your thoughts.

You may have never imagined feeling this way. It’s almost taboo to even say out loud. “I feel nothing for my baby”, “I love my baby, but I don’t like her”, “I don’t enjoy being a mom”, “I don’t feel like myself anymore”, “I am failing at everything”, “I am irritable, angry and I resent everything and everyone”, “What if I hurt my baby, or myself?”, “What if all these bad things happen to my baby?”

There are so many different thoughts, scary thoughts. You ask yourself, “What do I do?”, “Who do I tell?”. You are probably fearful, “I don’t want anyone to think I’m crazy”, or even worse, “I don’t want to get locked up”, “I don’t want to lose my baby”.

Mother to mother- I want you to feel heard. I want you to know that you are not the only one. I want you to know that you are not judged.

As your therapist, I want you to know this is your safe space. I want to hear it all. Every single thought. Every single feeling. I want to help you process and understand why you feel this way, why you’re experiencing these thoughts, and what to do about it. You and I will work together to help you start feeling like yourself again.

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